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A giant tank manned by a princess. Here is a band that is a tank full of a cheekiness with loads of ditty to explode with.

Led by Janice, an eclectic vocalist and songwriter (Winner of "Best Solo Performance - Vocals" for Malaysia's BOH Cameronian Arts Awards 2007, as well as the winner of "Best Song Composition" for Battle of the Band 2005 & Malaysia Revival Songwriting Competition 2006, with numerous compositions in various style ranging from folk-acoustic, Rock, Pop, R&B, Dance, Jazz, Funk to Soul (told you they were a tank full!), the SuperTankers are unique - both in sound and charisma.

The forming of ”Janice and the Supertank” is quite a cute story.

Ramizu (Drums) was looking for a male vocalist who can play the guitar and write songs, so as to form a new band. He was adamant about taking only male vocalists because he was too heartbroken from all the female vocalists that came along and never committed to the band whole-heartedly. But also, he was looking for a vocalist who had a wide vocal range, charisma, and ability to write catchy songs and play instruments.

Janice (Vocals), the lost lamb who came back from London, on the other hand, was just looking for some other musicians to jam with for fun. A solo as well as a band performer in various hotspots in London, she was desperate to make any music friends. That’s when she came across Ramizu’s post on the internet. So, she wrote in with the following,

“I am aware that you are looking for a male vocalist. Although I do not fit this criteria, I do meet your other requirements…“

She gave him links to her youTube, facebook and myspace so he could check out her music, profile and live performances. Although he was already impressed at first sight, it was when one of her original songs got him repeating a video over and over and even singing along that he became more than ready to recruit her to join him and Amir (Bass) in their quest to form a band with original material. Amir and Ramizu had already been friends for a while and have been wishing to form a band over months prior to this, but to no avail, as they could not find any other suitable candidates. However, after the three jammed together for the first time, Janice had cold feet and auditioned other bands before finally hopping onto the tank.

Janice and the Supertank miraculously emerged as one of the top 10 finalists from over a hundred bands! Little did they know, that it would also be then that they would have successfully captured the hearts of their faithful following for the very first time.

With showcases and interviews lined up with local TV Stations just few days after this buzz, here is a band with a big dream, equipped with giant caterpillar tracks that are more than ready to roll.

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